Amour Wine Bistro    welcomes you to an ultimate gastronomic experience
Amour Wine Bistro
Top Best 25 restaurants in Richmond
Top of the list for Best New Restaurant 2011
 Nominated for the Best Wine Program in the Elby’s 2012
Nominated for Excellence in Service in the Elby’s 2013

Richmond Magazine Nomination for the 2012,2013,2014 Elbys Award

Excellence in Service

“Best Wine Program”

This is the third year

Amour Wine Bistro

has been nominated.

We are honored,

Thank you Richmond !

Starting Wednesday April 30th

Heures Heureuses    Tuesday-Friday 5:30-7:00pm

Small plates $4-6:            Choose 3 for $14

L’Heure Heureuse small plates


Amour Wine Bistro will have grand reopening days

on Wednesday April 30th through Sunday May 4th.

We want to thank you for your support. We are so excited to see you all again, we missed you!

We are participating in Richmond Restaurant Week from Monday April 21st to Saturday 26th.

Next week, we will offer a Restaurant Week Menu for dinner only starting at 5:30pm every night until Saturday, reservation highly recommended or 804-353-4020

Richmond Restaurant Week Spring 2014 prix fixe menu $25.14

see our menu and make your reservation or 804-353-4020

Thank you Richmond for our third nomination on the Elbys Awards


2014 Elbys awards nomination for Best Wine program

2013 Elbys Awards nomination for Best Service          .

2012 Elbys Awards nomination for Best Wine Program

Lunch  (starting April 30th)                                     Dinner                                                                              Brunch

Tuesday-Friday:   11:30 to 2:00          Tuesday-Thursday: 5:30 to 10:00              Sunday: 11:30 to 3:00

Saturday:              11:30 to 3:00          Friday-Saturday:     5:30 to 10:30              

Monday: (starting May 5th)                          Sunday-Monday: (starting May 4th)   

Amour: French word for Love : Love of  Food, Love of wine, Love of pleasant atmosphere,  
                Love of  healthy food, Love of  great life.

Bistro: a small french restaurant where fresh local food is served. The chef is unusually inventive, creative             
            and very passionate. He is respectful of the products, their quality, their origin. He will use all the 
            natural flavors of the ingredients to create a simple dish with amazingly complex flavors.  
                    Amour Wine Bistro  where every meal is a treat: 
Wine can be expertly paired with the food
Our greatest desire is to share our love of food in every dish we prepare and our love of wine in every glass we pour.
We want to share our passion for good food, good products, excellent service

Every month we present to you a new Region to discover the foods and of course the wines.
Each day we select local and seasonal ingredients for their freshness and flavor and use it to inspire our menu.

The “gastronomic meal of the French” was honored as part of the

“ intangible cultural heritage of humanity ” by UNESCO officials.
Amour Wine Bistro is very proud to bring some of this "cultural heritage" to Richmond,

Pairing Wine, Food and Life for every meal

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