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Our experience is the field is one of our biggest assets and the evident reason for our expertise.

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For us, success is not just about winning the cases in courts. It is more than that. The satisfaction that our clients get from our services is what success is all about.

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A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.
– Henry Ward Beecher

Committed to helping our clients succeed

Our practice areas


Divorce & separation

All the legal procedures for your divorce and separation will be carried out flawlessly in our firm.


Grandparent rights

If your grandparent rights are violated, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We all make sure that you win your legal battles.


Child custody

We have an unparalleled record when it comes to child custody. Consider that the child is yours the moment you have stepped into our office.


Domestic violence

There is a drastic increase in domestic violence. We have an experienced team that will take care of the domestic violence cases.


Marriage/Civil Unions

Having some troubles and legal issues in your marriage/civil unions? It is high time that you let go of your worries because you have come to the appropriate place to get things sorted.

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Adoption & Surrogacy

Adoption & Surrogacy are some of the simplest things that we can deal easily. For us, it is more like a walk in the park.

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Property settlements

Property settlements are not something that can be sorted overnight. Our expertise in the field will really come in handy in many ways.

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Professional and experienced family law attorney

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Excellent Track Record.

From day one, we have been absolutely dominant in the field, and we have created a great reputation among people.


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We believe that it is important to be transparent with our clients about everything and our fee is the most important among them.


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For us, nothing is more important than our clients. We make it a point to provide them with good services in every aspect.

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Amour Legal Services is definitely one of the best in the when it comes to taking your legal battles to the courts. They are very experienced and dedicated.
Shirley Parker
United States
They have great customer service, and they are very transparent about their fees. I really felt comfortable with them.
Terry Franklin
United States


How to Think Like a Lawyer

‘The Paper Chase’ is one movie which no lawyer can resist bringing up when asked to broach on the subject of how one can start to think like a lawyer. In the movie, Professor Kingsfield advocates his students that they come in with a head full of pulp and leave thinking like a lawyer. Although law professors love bragging to their students of how they could start to think like a lawyer, one doesn’t necessarily have to attend a law school to start thinking pragmatically. One could peruse through the below enumeration to understand how they could start thinking logically.

Approach a problem from all angles:

Lawyers often tend to look at a situation from different perspectives to scour for any and all possible outcomes. Putting oneself in others’ shoes allows one to think critically, and understand other points of views.

Avoid emotional attachment:

There is a reason why one might say that they were ‘blinded’ by rage, or were under a paroxysm. This is because feelings are often irrational and incoherent. They shroud one from the facts that might prove to be vital for putting two and two together. Spotting the issues in an astute manner is crucial to determine what facts are pertinent and important. Vehemence can make one susceptible to a situation which contains details bearing little to no importance to the conclusion of the situation.

Argue both sides:

The ability to argue on both sides of the argument implies that one understands that there indeed is a second side to the coin, each having significant importance. If one were to learn to make opposing arguments, then that concomitantly comes with learning to hear them out, too. This increases the tolerance to lend an ear to both the sides, which in turn, allows solving the problems more co-operatively.

Construct syllogisms:

Often prevalent in legal reasoning, a syllogism is a type of deductive reasoning which affirms that what is true for a general group of people, is true for also specific individuals of that same group. Syllogism comprises of three parts: a general statement, a particular statement, and a conclusion. The general statements proposed using this method are nearly universally accepted. For example, when one says that all dirty floors are neglected, they are taking aid of this method. The particular statement here refers to a set of facts or a specific person, like ‘This restaurant’s floor is dirty’. The conclusion one draws from here directs it back to the general statement. We have stated a general and universal fact here, and have also established that a particular person is from the group covered by the universal fact. One can now conclude that: ‘The restaurant floor depicts negligence.’