Desserts Dinner

5 sensational desserts

with an optional wine pairing

Unique in Richmond!     Veronica @”Petites Bouchées” teams up with Amour

for an amazing Dinner to play with savory and delicate sweet french desserts

Wednesday September 12, 2012

at 7:00pm

The 5 courses with the 2 palate cleansers                $44

add the wine pairing (5 wines)   


Pear Soup with goat cheese fritter

A savory start with a touch of sweetness from the fresh pears

paired with a Normandie Cider

Foie gras Crème brûlée

A superb French classic appetizer dessert

paired with an Alsace Gewurztraminer

Faux “Vanilla Parfait with Chocolate Sauce”

Parmesant whipped Cream with Balsamic Reduction

Vanilla Tart façon Pierre Hermé

A decadent disc of vanilla-infused mascarpone sits  atop vanilla-rum-soaked lady fingers and is finished off with a velvety white-chocolate glaze

paired with a White Vouvray Moelleux

Sauternes sorbet

Passion Fruit Mille feuilles

Tangy passion fruit cream sandwiched between light and delicate layers of puff pastry

paired with a Muscat de Rivesaltes

Dark Chocolate surprise

We are creating something impressive for the eye and the taste buds

with “Valrhona” pure Cocoa and Chocolate

paired with a Red Beaujolais Village